Club Meeting  Guest Speaker / Program
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14_12_23  Dec. 14th to Jan 4th.
7_12_23  School Bursary Presentations
30_11_23  Dayspring Visit David and Tippy, Annual General Meeting
23_11_23  A YOUTH NIGHT
15_11_23  Club visit to Alexandra Rotary Club
9_11_23  GUEST SPEAKER - Rotarian Darryl King,
2_11_23  GETTING TO KNOW YOU - Club Members John Sinclair and Lachlan Cooper
26_10_24  GUEST SPEAKER - District Governor Neta Kirby
19_10_23  GUEST SPEAKERS - A team of health professionals from Ye26a & District Memorial Hospital
5_10_24  GUEST SPEAKER - Kerry McGahy, Mental Health for Young People.
28_9_23  GUEST SPEAKER - Matt Herridge Retts Syndrome
21_9_23  GUEST SPEAKER — Robyn Campbell
14_9_23  GUEST SPEAKER - Kate Turner Murrindindi Wildlife Rescue Centre,
7_9_23  GUEST SPEAKER - Rod Cavanagh, who spoke of several of his passions in life!
31_8_23  GUEST SPEAKER - Bruce Walker District Chair of ROMAC
24_8_23  GUEST SPEAKER - Robyn Hill from Foundation Murrindindi.
17_8_23  GUEST SPEAKER - Gary Pollard from the Yea Golf Club
10_3_23  Introducing our Rotary Exchange Student
3_8_23  Friendship Evening Visit by Kinglake Ranges 
27_7_23  GUEST SPEAKER - Phillip Webb Camino Santigao de Compostela Walk
GUEST SPEAKER - Peter Armstrong, President Yea Football & Netball Club
6_7_23  No Meeting - Between Years Break