Guest Speaker: Meagan Callander Principal Middle Kinglake Primary School
Meagan provided a most informative and enlightening address. She explained that she is a ‘True Yea local’ having lived here all her life and is now in her 6th year as Principal of Middle Kinglake PS. MKPS has 64 students represented across the socio economic and demographic continuum.
Planning for changes to the delivery of their curriculum imposed by the COVID 10 Pandemic came with little notice and there was uncertainty around when on site schooling would resume but Meagan felt her staff has done a magnificent job in catering for the students’ needs.
Staff prepare differentiated weekly hard copy work packs which are supplemented by online learning. Feedback between the families and the school is constant via phone calls, texts, video chats and during the Monday collection of the weekly packs. The Monday p/u is essential for student/family and staff wellbeing.
Adherence to Child Safety Regulations is critical – 2 staff members are always present when video chats are held with students and students must be dressed and not in their bedrooms!

Support for the wellbeing of staff, students and families, both physically and emotionally is crucial to Meagan. The support she receives herself from her colleagues, particularly from the Education Department, her Principals’ Association colleagues and Line Manager is critical to her own wellbeing.
Meagan shared how the students are coping, some of the activities that celebrate their family’s achievements; what they like about off site learning and what they are looking forward to when on site learning resumes.  Meagan reiterated that her biggest asset is the MKPS staff and travelling the journey with them is a privilege. The parents are very grateful for the staff efforts and in turn the staff appreciate the parents’ efforts.
A number of questions were asked of Meagan and she provided responses around how the transition to remote and flexible learning could be incorporated into the ‘new’ normal when full time schooling resumes, what support she herself is receiving and what shape the midyear reports might take.
President Sue thanked Meagan for sharing her passion for the MKPS community and for putting in the time to prepare for the meeting, in the midst of her very busy schedule.
An attentive audience listening to Meagan via zoom
President Sue’s announcements:
· Board meeting to be held via zoom at 7.30pm. Tuesday 12th.  Any members who have any comments, items, reports etc. for the Board please forward to Secretary David by Monday 11th
· Preliminary discussion about the disbursement of funds will also take place. Please email the Secretary with your thoughts or ideas.
· Next week will be an online Club Assembly via Zoom
· As we are not currently having any Sergeants’ Sessions please collect spare change and coins on a weekly basis so that there will be something in the Sergeants and Sunshine accounts when we finally can meet in person.
Member Reports:
Elaine White
The Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea will be cancelled and the Cancer Council of Victoria are encouraging everyone to hold a special morning tea in isolation. Treat yourself – and maybe family or a few  close friends if the restrictions are eased a little by the 21st May - with a small, but scrumptious affair in your own home and make a donation to the Cancer Council of Victoria via the club.
Exchange Student Louis.
No current photos of Louis this week, so a throwback pic to last September when Louis and the Lynches were out and about and visited Steavenson’s Falls outside  Marysville