Club Assembly
President Sue welcomed everyone to Club Assembly with a special welcome to daughter Jess and grandson Logan.
Sue’s announcements: Thank you to Bobby for a great night last week $810 raised for Polio Plus. The coin toss also raised $126 for Lift the Lid research
BBQ raised another $260 – thank you to members and Yea HS students .
Secretary: David Anderson
· Kathy Mills (RC of Seymour) seeking donations of second hand musical instruments for students in drought affected areas. Donations accepted by Bobby D or Terry.
· Phil Clancy D9790 Resolutions Chair seeking notification from clubs in regard to any proposed amendments to the District By Laws. Proposals must be received by 30/11/19.
Directors Reports
Foundation: David Anderson
· Thanks to members who assisted at the End Polio BBQ. $260 was contributed from the community which  equates to $780 when matched with the Gates Foundation contribution.
· End Polio update: Afghanistan 19 cases, Pakistan 77. As at 24/10/19 WHO certified that the Type  3 wild polio virus has now been eradicated. UK Govt have committed 400 million pounds to the End Polio campaign for the  period 2020-2023.
· Global Grant Dayspring: 12 years since the project commenced with Rotarian Ruth Konig the driving force to secure the GG for an ablution and toilet block for Dayspring School in South Africa.
:Latest news from Kim Katuta (Administrator at Dayspring) is that the Local Authorities have  issued an invoice for the Planning application and permits. Kim is hopeful that the project is implemented for the start of the school year in 2020.
· Application for a District Grant to implement first stage of project at Pioneer Reserve has been successful.
Community Service: Bob Dewar.
· Seats for GVRT progressing slowly.
· 24/11/19 Morning tea fund raiser for the Flying Dr. Service. Bob will organise if necessary.
· Gary Fitzgerald spoke of the proposed weekend to assist a drought affected community. Gary in talks with the President of the RC of Finley-suggesting a weekend in January 2020 with club members spending $$$ in the town and supporting locals.
International Service: Gary Cocks
Various international projects supported by clubs in D9790 but would prefer to select our own. Possibility of establishing a Computer Centre in Uganda.  Board to consider early in 2020.
Vocational: Paul Kellett
Mock Interviews to be conducted shortly with Yea HS students. Thank you to members who have offered to be interview the students. Paul has met with the staff at Yea HS to consider expanding Rotary’s role at the school. Vocational Committee will meet shortly to discuss ideas.
Youth: Sandra Hanley
· Steve Costly (RC of Alexandra) looking to set up a  local Rotaract Club. Julian Laucius’ name has been forwarded to Steve.
· School Bursaries presentations Nov 28th. Reece Hargreaves (Outbound Youth exchange to Finland in 2020) will be introduced too.
· Short term exchanges in Dec. Jonny & Grace Hamilton and Lulu Moon.
Open Gardens: Glenn Milliken
Glenn ran through some ‘House Keeping’ matters for the weekend. Thank you to Sue for opening up her garden after the Gunnerson garden was  a late withdrawal.
Yea Show: Rodney Ridd
Show 22nd/23rd November. Members requested to man the gates Friday night (Heifer Challenge) and from early Saturday through to evening carnival.
Senior Cits Dinner Friday Dec 6th:  Rodney Ridd.
If  attending as a helper please let Rodney know for catering purposes. Janet T and Di  will require assistance to pick up tables and set up the  Shire Hall.
Cattle Yards at Rec:  Peter Tull
Working bee required prior to Show. Tuesday 12th November 5pm. Request to borrow Rotary BBQ for Cattle breakfast supported.
Cycle Dindi: Julie Lynch
First meeting held.  3 Club project (Yea, Alex and Mansfield) and event to be held on Saturday 4th April 2020. Advertising and promotion commenced. Flyers off to the printers shortly.
Treasurer’s Report: Russell Hogg
· $1455 received from Bendigo Bank for living Christmas Tree  project.
Yea Races November 16th: Gary Cocks.
Extra member required to assist Tippy with scanning of entry tickets
Pinch a Poo: Glenda taking donations to warehouse in Melbourne shortly. Members please bring in toiletries which are passed onto those in need-refuges, schools, drought affected families etc.
Family of Rotary: Ken Maxfield.
Doug & Patricia’s recovery will take some time. Bottle top collection extended to Heathcote. Sacred Heart PS helping to wash and sort the tops. Les Hall urged the club to consider all avenues of financial support for the club and town, including the possibility of leveraging funding from the proposed development of ‘Balaclava’ which is currently before the MSC.
Sergeant: John Sinclair  had had time to work on his fines, including; Glenda for concealing  half a bottle of gin in her sling and members whose grass is so high and green either the rabbits are drowning or the fences are disappearing!  Highlight of the cross fines was Will recounting how his new son in law to be, actually asked Will for permission to marry Georgia. Romance is not yet dead!
Pres. Sue thanked the caterers from Yea PS, especially the youngsters, and wished everyone a safe trip home
Sgt, Sinkers in actionTreasurer Russell
Yea Primary School catering team
President Elect CarolLending a helping hand