Club Assembly
President Sue
The President welcomed everyone especially Matthew Spurgeon who was attending his second formal meeting of the Club.
Secretary: David Anderson
· Thank you from Cancer Council for contributions in 2019.
· Thank you letter from Margaret Bald who enjoyed the Senior Citizens Dinner in Dec 2019.
· Rotarian magazines for Jan/Feb tabled.
· Notification of the passing of PP Bernie Lamers PHF RC of Preston. Bernie was the inaugural recipient of the Rotarian of the Year (Australia) Award in 2018 and was a truly dedicated and tireless Rotarian.
· Correspondence received from Rodney Ridd, Secretary of the Molesworth Easter Bazaar and Clearing Sale, thanking the club for its contributions in past years. The Committee is standing down and there will be no Bazaar in 2020; the future of the event is uncertain.
Rotary Information Session: David Anderson—the role of the Chair
David focussed on ways to maintain time and decorum at club meetings. An agenda is available for each chairperson  to familiarise themselves with, to ensure that the meeting finishes at 8.30pm. Members are asked to confine their 3 minutes to the allotted 3 minutes; the guest speaker to be briefed by the Chair that they have 20 minutes for their presentation with 5 minutes for questions.
The Chair’s role will be made easier with the cooperation of all members.
Matthew Spurgeo.
Matthew hails from Corryong and has family farming in the district. He spoke of hearing devastating stories during a recent visit, but also heart-warming ones too-his sister’s farm was visited by players and staff from the AFL Hawks-they were excellent at boosting morale but not particularly efficient fencers
Gary Fitzgerald also provided a District perspective — he and Peter Tull visited Corryong the previous weekend. Blaze Aid now established with approx. 50 volunteers on site.
RC of Belvoir Wodonga are also heavily involved in fencing, along with the Benalla Uniting Church. Kinglake Ranges RC have organised a fodder run. A separate D9790 Bushfire Recovery fund has been established. A meeting will be held shortly in Euroa to co-ordinate Rotary efforts in the recovery process as it is evident that much hard work is ahead.
President Sue sought the members thoughts about the demise of the Molesworth bazaar in 2020. To be discussed at a future date — others in the Molesworth community may take over management of the event.
Directors’ Reports:
International: Gary Cocks
Consideration of Kambala Uganda project of provision of computer equipment as a club project ($72,000 US). General consensus that local immediate needs, such as bushfire recovery to be met first.
Youth: Sandra Hanley
Club will sponsor up to 3 students to RYPEN (Rotary Program of Enrichment for Year 9/10 students) to be held at Nillahcootie in March
The club’s sponsored 2019 Rylarian, Alessio will speak to the club on March 5th.
Louis Thevent: Youth Exchange Student
Youth Exchange officer Julie Lynch introduced exchange student Louis Thevent who informed the club of his activities over the summer holidays.  He thanked his previous hosts, Tracy & Renzo and current host Gary Cocks for all they have done for him; he has particularly enjoyed outdoor activities and farm jobs. Louis also thanked the club for hosting him.
Recently returned exchange student Molly Connor will be the guest speaker on Feb 20th and the short term exchange students (Johnny, Grace & Lulu) will make short presentations that same evening.
Reece Hargraves our sponsored student to Turku in Finland has settled in well and is enjoying his first month in Finland.
Community Service: Terry Hubbard (Bob Dewar absent)
· Planning for President’s Ball progressing well
· GVRT seating almost ready to be installed on trail
· Community Planning Dinner 6pm Shire Hall 10/2/2020. President Sue and Tony Jacobs will represent Rotary.
Other reports:
Art Show—Director Carol will report at next Club Assembly.
Cycle Dindi: Julie Lynch Planning well in hand for Saturday April 4th. Report to be circulated by email.
Vocational: Paul Kellet
Once school has settled, Paul will speak with staff at Yea HS 15500how the club can best support the students.
Sergeant’s Session: Paul Kellett
Retrospective fines and some Art Show fins filled the fines box. A number of members were fined as they seem to slip under the radar each week. Paul shared a phone call he had with John Sinclair about steep slopes-the miracle was that Sinkers didn't slide out of an ambulance going up Junction Hill!
Sue closed the meeting at 8.45pm.
Caterers Yea Show Committee.