Guest Speaker:  David Stockwell PhD.  - The Bradfield Scheme.
Dr Stockwell used a series of slides in his presentation.
The Bradfield Scheme (which was originally proposed back in the 1930’s)  is a large scale infrastructure project of a 1,000km Gravitational Fed Surface Channel from the Upper Burdekin  to the Darling. When completed the project would deliver 2000 GL (4 Sydney Harbours) into the Murray Darling system every year. David is convinced that in the light of new technology the scheme is now viable.  Water would be harvested along the length of the channel as well as create new irrigation areas in Central Queensland.
David responded to a  range of questions; from projected costs (less than $5 Billion), role of the MDB Authority, affect on the Great Artesian Basin, interest in the scheme, water loss in the channels, to the spread of introduced species such as the cane toad.
Chairman Matt Spurgeon
Matt welcomed guest speaker David and explained how whilst researching on line  about ways to drought proof Australia he had had come across Dr Stockwell and his work on  the  Bradfield Irrigation Scheme to revitalize parts of inland Australia.