Guest Speaker: Sandra Hanley, RFE visit to Sri Lanka
Sandra spoke about her recent two week trip to Sri Lanka (late Jan, early Feb) with the District 9790 team, who were from Albury, Benalla and Coburg clubs, with Sally Sykes as the team leader. With lots of photos, Sandra described her two week visit. It is a beautiful island, lots of wildlife and the team were well looked after. Visited tea plantations, an elephant sanctuary and lots of beautiful places.
Sandra was thanked by Rotarian Ann for her insights into Sri Lanka.
Sandra and the RFE Team in Sri Lanka

Three Minuter: Russell Troup.
Russell announced he would only speak for 3 minutes proceeded to talk for over 7 minutes (and was fined) and spoke about the need to support and mentor our youth, and to shop local.







              Chairman Russell Hogg                                                                      Sergeant David Ngo