Induction of a new member Matt Spurgeon
Matt is the manager of the Yea and District Community Bank and after several meetings with us, where he felt most welcome, he decided to join the club. Matt is  former member of a Lions Club and his father is a Rotarian at Corryong. Matt will have Banking Retail on his membership Badge and will join the Community Services committee
Guest speakers Matt and Vanessa from Melbourne City Roof Top honey.
What an amazing journey the last 10 years have been for them!
It was all kickstarted by them when they converted their backyard space in the city into an edible garden and were looking to compliment it with either chooks or bees. Bees won out and as they say—’From little things big things grow’.
So began their journey. A beekeeping course followed and soon they were addicted. One hive became four and it was growing. Too many hives led to them exploring what to do with the bees and how to connect people. Roof Top Honey was born.
Lots of research and chats with restaurants, chefs, owners of buildings etc followed and it just kept on growing.
They are now 10 years on, educate hundreds of Year 9 students with tours, speak at overseas conferences (the green urban scape conference in Singapore) and organise conferences in Melbourne and are full time beekeepers and educators.
They gave lots of interested facts and figures about bees (one is that urban bees are much healthier than their rural cousins—less pesticides and more food!) and told some interesting tales.
An inspirational success story and the many Rotarians who tasted the honey they brought along with them, gave it the thumbs up!
3 MInuter Gary Cocks
Gary had prepared a chart of all the voluntary hours of what the club does over a 12 month period (over 7500 hours a year and that is probably on the low side) and posed several questions for members. One was how do we replace the $3000—$4000 raised from the now defunct Molesworth Bazaar? and How is the club going to continue with the unity in the club that has led to the success of the club?
Certainly food for thought and he stuck to the three minutes. Well done Gary!
Directors Reports:
Julie Lynch—Cycle Dindi.
Julie provided a brief update of the event to be held on Saturday 4th April by first of all thanking those members who have stepped in to fill the raffle roster running through March. Julie mentioned how the event has gained excellent community support and sponsorship. Eoghan Dowling has again agreed to ride and will be seeking sponsorship in the near future and Louis and his exchange student friend Matt will also do the ride. The event is a fundraiser for Youth Projects and is also designed to bring people into Yea and see the wonderful township and countryside that we have. Entries are coming in including a group from Alexandra Scouts, Mitchell Bike riders group, interest from Bendigo and some of our regular riders.
Mat Lumalasi and Vanessa Kwiatkowski
John Ingham and Gary Cocks                                                      Glenda Wood's and her Guest Chris Doherty
The Catering Crew - Yea Primary School