Guest Speaker: Matt Thomas MSC  Tourism & Events
Matt  was appointed to his 2 year  role at MSC in May 2018 . Currently his role focuses on building  public awareness  and recognition of the Murrindindi Shire’s great natural assets. Council has commissioned a tourism plan working with agency partners. It is hoped that the initial draft will be pulled together with the plan adopted by September 2019.
Emphasis is around  building exposure on social media (Facebook and Instagram - check out Discover Dindi on FB).
Matt also referenced :
· A new Visitor Guide  to be published shortly
· Tourism Info. boards have been relocated  at the Yea toilets and updated to capture greater interest from passing traffic.
· Restructuring of where MSC sits within regional tourism boards
· Council hosting the Victorian Visitor Information Services Summit at Eildon in August which brings  together tourism industry professionals from across Victoria.
Other projects:
· Development of accredited RV towns in Murrindindi with Yea a high priority
· Working with Murrindindi Cycle Club to develop Mountain Bike trails (Buxton/Lake Mt/Marysville)
· GVRT. North East Tourism commissioned to develop an action plan for the next 3 years so that this wonderful asset is more fully utilized.
· 4 Wheel Drive Clubs have approached Council to  partner in the development of a series of  graded trails.
3 Minuter Sue McGovern
Sue emphasized that she is particularly interested in people and the ways, both individually and working with others, how we can make a difference in our own lives and the lives of others. This interest in others and in supporting them has been a part of Sue’s whole life; team based sport, nursing and social work (supporting homeless young people and those experiencing alcohol problems for example).
Sue’s variety of work over the years has all had a strong community focus. This interest has been matched with formal studies; general and psychiatric nursing, counselling studies and trade courses. This has enabled Sue to respond to communities post natural disasters– significant fires in South Australia, and Kinglake (Black Saturday) and with Blaze Aid in Queensland. Sue’s current studies focus on spiritual direction which aims to explore with others their relationships with God. When Sue finishes this 2 year course she will tell us what it is all about!
Exchange student Louis giving his club banner to President Sue
Sergeant Sinkers in action                          Louis collecting the fines
The Calisthenics catering team