President Sue's last meeting.
An official changeover will be held when restrictions permit.
A message from President Sue
Firstly, a big thank you to all who filled in the questionnaire which I handed out when I became President and which asked which jobs you would like and be willing to do.
I have felt very supported and I feel, have fulfilled all the aims I started my year with.
We’ve had many achievements, the Art Show, Open Gardens and Garden Expo are among them and I recall the District Governor’s visit at Homewood Hall as one of those nights where we had great fun.
There have been sad times, including the bushfires and we will be able to help those affected in the future.
Two new members joined us—Penny Paxman and Matt Spurgeon and I want to thank them both.
For the future, the Senior Independent Living Program looks exciting.
Our Annual Report is ready and will be mailed out to members tonight.
A special thank you to my Board who have supported me all the way and been willing to discuss ideas and implementation to help us achieve everything and finally, if you are asked to take on the role of President, take it with both hands and you’ll love it.
Incoming President, Carol Hogg
Carol started by saying we are doing the best we can with Covid19, and without planning too far ahead, she is working on July.
District Governor Bruce Anderson will be joining us for a Zoom meeting on July 16
We have a new Board and details will be in the bulletin.
Carol thanked Sue for the past year and everything she had done and especially for the camaraderie shown to her personally.
Annual Report
To read and/or download the 2019 - 20 Annual Report click the following link
Secretary, David Anderson opened the meeting to members.
Jim Osborne offered a vote of thanks to Sue for her year as President which was applauded by all.
Bob Dewar gave his personal thanks as did Sandra Hanley.

Look at what we achieved!
Holding a sausage sizzle outside Foodworks Supermarket to highlight the work done by Rotary to eradicate Polio;
Organising the local community to save plastic bottle caps that are recycled to b3e used to create hand mobility aids using 3D printers;
Collecting hotel/motel toiletries to donate to Pinchapoo and used stamps to sup-port the End Trachoma 2020 program;
Hosting the Senior Citizens Dinner – It was a lovely occasion and this year a hot meal was served, with the Yea Scout Troop assisting by waiting on the tables. Nice to see youth connecting with seniors and the evening was a great success;
A family friendly evening of Christmas Carols supported by of course—a free Rotary sausage sizzle and a guest appearance from Santa!;
Hosting the Annual Australia Day breakfast in the main street of Yea with a wonderful hot breakfast for all attendees;
Sponsoring Alessio Rigoli to attend RYLA and two Yea High School students (Andre Duncan and Liam Williams) to attend RYPEN.
Our Zoom Meeting
Rotarian Will                                   Secretary David and Tippy
Incoming President and Treasurer Russell                                    Outgoing President Sue
Exchange Student  Louis and Host Dad Gary off to outback NSW