Guest Speaker: Jessie Harman RI Director Nominee 2021-2023
Jessie delivered a highly motivating speech focusing on the future of Rotary with her passion for Rotary irrepressible. She outlined the unparalleled opportunities as well as significant challenges that face Rotary.
Opportunities  that exist through the use of technology that will increase Rotary’s reach into a broader community; as the world is on the cusp of eradicating Polio the spotlight will be on Rotary and thus will open up more opportunities; billions of $$$  are available in RI Foundation to fund significant projects; strategic partnerships with partners such as the UN, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UNICEF etc can be broadened and the internationality of Rotary provides a strong foundation to move into the future.
Jessie also highlighted the challenges facing Rotary, particularly membership which is declining and ageing.  The modern busy life means that many prospective Rotarians prefer to dip in and out of service with millennials in particular tending to volunteer for specific causes. 
Our challenge is to meet the needs of our members and our communities and to ensure Rotary stays relevant, innovative and engaging long into the future. It is important to build a spirit of optimism and courage, to try new things, to have a go and to take risks.
We are the stewards of our wonderful organization and we must ensure it is strong and thriving into the future as ‘The world needs Rotary now, just as it did in the past!’
Jessie responded to a number of questions around how to engage young people, the need to leverage strategic partnerships and how clubs must stay connected to their members during  Covid 19.
Pres. Sue thanked Jessie for her most thought provoking address and her commitment to Rotary.
David Anderson noted that the  date of 22/5/2020 was the six year anniversary since he met partner Tippy when she visited Australia as part of an RFE trip in 2014.In recognition of the anniversary he and Tippy were donating $100 for each year to the Rotary Foundation. David said he owed a great deal both    and professionally to Rotary.
Pres. Sue thanked David for his commitment to Rotary and after thanking Chair Glenda, congratulating Sinkers again and reminding members that a few still need to pay subs, closed the meeting
Youth Exchange News
Louis earning his tucker (L) and assisting the vet with a heifer’s birth (R)
Message received recently from Solenne Bozzetto Inbound Exchange student to Yea 2014-2015
‘My family says hello. I’m happy to hear you’re safe and there are not too many cases over there and none near you. Be really careful!
For me, when we knew we would be locked down  I went straight away to Nantes to spend the time with my family.  At the time of lock down, my older brother was in Colombia and then went on holiday in Mexico for 2 weeks. Colombia then closed its borders and he was stuck in Mexico! Eventually he took a flight back to France but we don’t know yet how we are going to get his stuff back from Colombia.
My little brother Timothy is still on Youth Exchange in New Zealand. Rotary advised him to go home but we could not find any flights, except one which required him to transit for 10 hours in Melbourne—the Australian authorities then required him to quarantine for 14 days in Melbourne, so he is still in NZ and will return to Nantes as planned at the end of June.
The two and a half months with my parents have been really nice as we get along very well; we practise sport every day, plus I am working remotely as well.
Restrictions eased a little  last week and now we can travel  away from home (up to 100km radius) so I can’t go back to Paris for my work just yet.
Stay safe and be really careful.
Lots of love
Chairman Glenda                      Birthday boy John and  Clare
Will asking a question               President Ken McLennan of the RC of Euroa
Our well attended Zoom meeting which, as well as our club members included:-
PDG Richard Luke, AG Marg Crisp, President Lorraine Greenwood, Numurkah, President Ken McLennan and members of the RC of Euroa to numerous to mention and identify, Melissa Hebbard, Milawa Oxley (and Peter for a while)  David Brown, Belvoir Wodonga  Greg Matthews, North Balwyn, D 9800  and David Bennett, East Keilor, D 9800.
Apologies were received from Penny Paxman; and DG Brian, DG Elect Bruce, DGN Anne and the DGND who were all unavoidably prevented from joining the meeting.and apologies to any guest that I have overlooked.