President Sue welcomed everyone, but especially our three returnees from Short Term Youth exchange — Grace Hamilton, Johnnie Hamilton and Lulu Moon with her mum Michelle, plus our 12 month Youth Exchange returnee Molly Connor together with Mum and Dad Sophie and Gary. More youth with French exchange students Matt Porte (at RC of Benalla) and our own Louis. Also a warm welcome to Matt Spurgeon.
Guest Speakers - Long and Short Term Exchange Students
Chair: Julie Lynch.
Julie introduced in turn the three short term exchange students which the cub sponsored in late 2019 for a six week exchange trip and who all gave a very confident overview of their time in their respective host countries.
Grace Hamilton - Milan, Italy.
Johnnie Hamilton —  Germany,
an hour from Frankfurt.
   Lulu Moon -  Cologne, Germany.
Each of these students did themselves, their parents, schools, the Rotary Club of Yea and their country proud. All spoke of their lovely host families, the wonderful trips and Christmas traditions they experienced and of the culture and food, which they all seemed to enjoy.
Each was articulate, well prepared and engaging and as club members, we should feel proud to be able to have supported these three students in gaining first hand knowledge of another language and culture.
Well done Grace, Johnnie and Lulu.

Following on from the short term exchange students, Julie introduced Molly Connor, who has returned from a 12 month exchange to Lucon, France. Molly had 6 host families and whilst she found it challenging at first, she really warmed to the experience and settled in well. Her favourite host family was the last one, who were more like grandparents and treated her like a well loved grandchild.
Molly travelled a lot, to places such as Lyon; Paris for a weekend; the French Alps and of course the big Euro Tour with all the other exchange students. This included time in Paris, Germany (a day in Munich), Prague (Molly’s favourite city), Italy then to Venice for gondolas and pizza, back to France (the Alps for a day) then to Switzerland (for 3 hrs) and finally back to Paris to end the trip.
Molly went to Rotary maybe every 2nd week, spent a lot of time with her counsellor (who lived next door) and spent a lot of time with other exchange students and as Molly said -”I am so glad I went—no regrets and I wouldn't change it for anything!”
Molly is now studying VCE year 11 and is studying VCE French.
Molly, Grace, Johnnie and Lulu were all very thankful for the sponsorship and opportunity provided by our club.  The world is in a good space whilst we have such great students taking part in these wonderful programs.
Julie thanked everyone for coming to present to the club and wished everyone of the students success in their studies.
Louis and Matt thanked Molly on behalf of the club.
Gary (Louis' host dad),Matt and Louis           Grace. Johnnie and Lulu
Short term, long term and overseas exchange students
President Sue being presented with banners by the students 
The Catering Crew