Guest Speaker: Sean Teer Envision Hands
Sean spoke of his career of 30 years working in disability employment. A focus has been on helping longer term jobless gain employment through recycling items such as: caravans, computers, laptops, wheelchairs etc with the support of Rotary and Donations in Kind. Research into processing plastic bottle caps into ‘mobility aids’ such as hands continues. The hands provide a psychological boost and basic hand movement for children, enabling them to ride a bike, pick up a ball etc.
A Go Fund me page has been established to purchase commercial equipment (3D printing and injection moulds) so that the hands can be produced in 3 hours compared with the current 2 weeks timeframe. A future goal is to also provide standard filament plastic to schools and community groups so they can also produce hands.
3 minuter Glenn Milliken
Glenn relived the Apollo 11 landing on the moon in July 1969 and took us through in great detail the crucial dramas of the 13 minutes when the Eagle module separated from the command module before landing in the Sea of Tranquillity with 30 seconds of fuel remaining. Glenn also shared some historic photos and newspaper cuttings.
Visiting student Aaron ( Switzerland) Youth Exchange students Louis Thevenet (France) and Diana a  short term exchange Italy
Peter Tull advertising Hoof and Hook