Guest Speaker - Jed Hart Author 
Chair for the meeting, Jim Osborne introduced Guest Speaker Jed Hart, a former member of the club and previous active member of the Strath Creek community.  Jed conveyed warm greetings to all his and Sue’s friends and expressed his thanks for the invitation to speak.
Jed initially gave a summary  of his career  in the Navy, referencing pivotal activities in his past that are reflected in his current writings:  as a midshipman in the Malaysia conflict before changing to aircrew in 1966, training at  Pensacola Naval Air Station  in the US and  being posted to the RAN Helicopter Flight in Vietnam with the US Army’s 135th Assault Helicopter Company.  Jed left the Navy in 1970 and flew and instructed on helicopters internationally. Latterly Jed worked in security and aviation with Shell and BHP. He and wife Sue then  founded Hart Aviation which grew to operate in 60 countries.
By 2017 when Jed had retired and left the world of business and commerce, he found his days lacked purpose. He was asked to edit a book outlining the Australian Navy training program at Pensacola in the US from 1966-68 and ended up being the co author. His life as an author then took off in a most compulsive manner!
In the second part of his address Jed focused on the first book in the Jake Hunt Trilogy, Without Warning’ which he wrote at age 70 (he had commenced fiction writing in his 30’s but put the writing on hold as he felt he had insufficient life experience).
The characters in his books ‘talk’  to him with little discipline and no sense of timing.
Jed then concluded by reading the prologue of ’Without Warning’.
‘For me, writing the book has been cathartic. A lot of the journey that Jake Hunt takes, my comrades in arms and I have travelled. Life is full of stories.’
Jed answered many questions from the members, explaining how he was able to get his  action thriller books published with a smaller publisher  - Feather Knight Books.
The publishing company are able, with 10 days notice  to print another 1500 run.
Jed said sales are ahead of schedule despite the planned book launch of  ‘Without Warning’ having to be cancelled due to COVID 19.
Jed also mentioned that marketing is not his forte so he relies on his highly skilled and knowledgeable publishers to promote the book.
A number of members have already purchased and read the book and were happy to recommend it. The book is available through Google Books and Goodreads.
An E copy of the book will be available shortly on Amazon and Kindle.
Julie thanked Jed for his fascinating address to the club and for sharing his passion for the craft of writing.
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