Guest Speaker: Sonja Herges Sedona Estate Winery
Sonja thanked Terry Hubbard and the club for the invitation to speak about the genesis and growth of their winery in Murrindindi.. Sonja grew up in the Mosel area of Germany from a wine making family (most agricultural practices had a small winery) and she and Paul became ‘accidental’ wine makers.  When returning from the US in 1995, Paul, a trained pilot, was unable to secure regular employment and Sonja suffered terrible homesickness. After a few years working at well known Yarra Valley wineries Paul found his true calling as a wine maker and a decision was taken to ‘get their hands dirty and put their roots down’.  After a long search they settled on a 52 acre property in Murrindindi. The aspect and climate enabled their vision to flourish and they now produce fine cool-climate wines that are regionally distinctive.
The cellar door was opened in 2012 and Sonja works very hard to promote and market their product –ensuring that when people see the Sedona Estate signs they associate that with a distinctive product. Sonja also played 2 videos that beautifully showcased their property.  They are always inspired to make better wines and more reserve style wines—with a great chef and staff they continually strive to showcase the  local produce which complements their outstanding wines.
After a number of questions, Sonja was thanked by Val for her presentation and acknowledged for the support that she and Paul provide in the local community (eg Garden Expo).
Induction of Penny Paxman. 
Penny was warmly welcomed by President Sue and membership Dir. Ken Maxfield who related how they had met at the End Polio BBQ in October 2018. Penny was then provided with a Rotary Information pack and recently indicated a willingness to become a Rotarian. She has already been of assistance to the club, organising the bottle top collection in Alexandra and promoting Rotary in the local press. Penny’s classification will be ‘Advertising sales’ and she will join the Community Services Committee.
Penny thanked the club, explaining that she joined Rotary ‘to be a member of a group that does amazing things!’ Welcome Penny and Marvin.
3 Minuter, Mike Hirons
Mike based his ‘Ten minuter’ on an article in the ‘Australian’ by demographer Bernard Salt. The article titled ‘What lies ahead’ focussed on major shifts (eg auto  manufacturing,  labour market, telecommunications etc) in the past decade and how in the coming decade there will be profound changes to daily life wrought by ongoing digital transformation. The skill set that Australians really need is the ability to accept and than adapt to a radically re imagined future. With lots of ‘digressions’ Mike provided food for thought about Australia’s future.
3 (?) Minuter Mike
President Sue and new member Penny
The Cooks - Amanda Hard, Family and Emily
Emily, Ben & Nic Charles are part of the ‘Paying it Forward’ project to assist in Fiji.
Exchange Student Louis collecting fines