Guest Speaker:  Sam Cusumano Senior Lecturer in Sports Law at Deakin Uni.
Sam gave a most interesting and informative address about his pathway from private law practice to lecturing  in Sports Law at Deakin combining his teaching  with voluntary participation of a number of AFL Appeals Boards and Tribunals. Sam emphasised that Sports Tribunals are ‘Domestic or private’ bodies and operate in an inquisitorial manner rather than an adversarial one. Courts won’t interfere or get involved in a Sports tribunal  unless the tribunal exceeds its powers or wrongly interprets its powers. Natural justice must prevail and the Tribunal must afford fairness to the players.
Sam referred to a number of case studies and the recent trade period in the AFL describing how contractual matters  may play out when a player wishes to move clubs whilst still a contracted player.
Sam concluded his presentation by revealing that despite being a ‘Mad Pies’ supporter he can’t watch them play (even on the TV) as he tends to  put the ‘mozz ‘ them!
Sam answered  a range of questions from the members and was then thanked by Gary Fitzgerald.
3 Minuter David Ngo.
David gave a very brief  report  (two and a half minutes-thank you David!) about polio, the various virus types, how it is spread and the devastating  effects of the virus on the nervous system and brain –particularly  its effects on children under the age of 5.
Directors’ Reports:
Family of Rotary: Ken Maxfield
A condolence card has been sent to Margaret Mahon after Jack’s recent passing.
Doug & Patricia Zerbe now at home and recovering. Doug will require extensive physiotherapy
Vocational: Paul Kellett
Thank you to members who conducted Mock Interviews with Year 10 students from Yea HS. Committee to follow up and meet with HS staff. 
Open Gardens: Glenn Milliken
Glenn will provide a more comprehensive report at the next Club Assembly but thanked everyone who ensured the success of the weekend. Expecting a profit of $9,000+. Glenn received nothing but praise from the visitors for the quality of the gardens on show.
Marj recounted some highlights of  her recent travels to Denmark and England. In Denmark she was hosted by  Christian and Vibeke who passed on their good wishes to the club.  Marj presented a club banner from the RC of Kew Gardens.
Sergeant: Paul Kellett
After a busy day with the Mock Interviews Paul was rather light on for fines but expressed his gratitude to the Club informers — those who ridicule the Sergeant do so at their peril! the Faux Pas of the Month Award was conferred on Paul himself for his lack of understanding about a tautology he had uttered. Cross fines included David A being labelled the ‘Pop Up’ man and Ken Maxfield featuring in RDU.
Sgt Paul
Louis collecting fines
Rodney talking about the showThe Golf Club Catering team