Club Assembly (via Zoom)
President Sue welcomed everyone to the first Zoom Club Assembly then asked Sergeant at Arms Rodney to call the meeting to order. Rodney invited all to join him in Grace and in toasting Queen and Country.
Reports from Board:
Change Over: Neither PE Carol or President Sue keen on doing the C/O via Zoom so will plan on the official duties being carried out with a small group in attendance with celebrations being delayed to August or when COVID 19 regulations permit.
Avenues of Service Reports
Community Service:
Biggest Morning Tea in the RSL Hall  cancelled but members encouraged to hold their own small gatherings at home during the week of May 25th—31st to raise funds for the Cancer Council.
Paul Kellett and his team have been busy revamping the format of the  Mock Interviews.
Youth Service:
Board decided not to participate in the NYSF program this year but will consider in 2021
Jim Osborne reported outcomes from the  recent online MSC  Events meeting.  64 groups/events represented. Jim complimented the Shire on their presentation as unequivocal  in the need to comply with the advice from the relevant Health Depts. Rotary events planned for 2020 such as Garden Expo, Spring Ball & Open Gardens not likely to proceed  
Decisions regarding events planned for  2021 will be made in September.
The Board will decide concrete proposals to ensure our signature events are conducted responsibly and some hard decisions may need to be taken.
Participating in a Zoom Club Assembly can be thirsty work