GUEST SPEAKER – Jenny Drysdale
Sue Carpenter introduced Jenny who has had extensive experience working with children and adults who have experienced mental illness. Jenny gave a lighthearted presentation about mental wellness starting with the book that helps physicians diagnose mental illness and putting forward the concept that books are no good without connection. Jenny talked about helping children (and adults) to overcome their fears, build resistance and develop skills to take them through life. She also demonstrated a couple of games/exercises she uses to get communication and connection happening between parents and children. Penny Paxman gave the vote of thanks and launched a magnet listing contact numbers for Mental Health emergencies in our region. These are available from Penny on request. Jenny was then asked to announce her choice for Best Hat of the Night and Ian Sichlau was the winner with his sombrero
3 MINUTER—Lachie Cooper
Lachie spoke about his pipes (bagpipes) and their history including the story of the previous owner’s pipes which were with him at the fall of Singapore, were carried into Changi prison camp and smashed by the Japanese. Lachie treasures the pipes that replaced these.
Tippy introduced Dang is a Past President of the RC of Khaowang in D3330, Thailand and he presented President Tony with an End Polio T Shirtfrom District 3330. Dang then went on to outline seven key projects of his club.
Dang                                     Lachie