Guest Speaker - Annette Cavanagh PhD Latrobe University Farm Scale Natural Capital Accounting And Plant Diversity
Annette started her PhD in June 2021 and has a total of 3 years to complete.
She is looking at Natural Capital which is all about all aspects of the natural environment and the activities within it, all of which form the foundation of farming.
The Natural Environment is in decline as 50% of Australia is under farming.
For farmers finance and profit are priorities.
Sustainability and productive agriculture needs a healthy biological environment so this study is all about increasing profits for farmers, tracking and managing biodiversity and maintaining consistency within it.
This will lead to lower insurance premiums, greater drought resistance , financial stability and the ability to put a dollar value on Natural Capital
Annettes’s studies are funded by a Natural Landcare Program.
She has to survey 50 farms in SE Australia. They all run different industries and show gread variation in ecosystems and crops. Annette is recording all plant species found and noting the variations in findings which coincide with different farming practices and such things as rotational grazing and the use of fertiliser.
The vote of thanks was given by Will de Castella.
3 MINUTER — Tippy
Tippy talked about her life in Thailand and explained that the word ‘Tip’ means supernatural.
She described her education and working her way up to Dr. Assoc. Professor.
Four years ago she came to Australia and now works in the garden, with cattle and housekeeping.
Tippy sells beautiful bags and baskets made by the women she knows in Thailand who harvest water hyacinth to make them.
The next Yea market is on April 2.
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