A Social evening focusing on the Induction of 2 New Members 
Induction of Lily and Lachie
John Sinclair proposed both Lily and Lachie as members - great pleasure to speak of both. Young people like Lily and Lachie are the future of the club. Lily is the daughter of Miffi and Michael and John’s eldest granddaughter. Growing up she has always displayed the traits of honesty, diligence and integrity. Lily has recently graduated in Arts/Law from ANU in Canberra and is currently employed with Mal Ryan and Glen Lawyers in Mansfield.
After her induction Lily thanked everyone, especially her ‘Pop’ John. She is very grateful and excited to become a member of the Club. 
John then introduced Lachlan, the son of Jacqueline and Jim. John spoke of Lachie’s qualities high ethical standards, quiet, capable and determined. Lachie is a Science graduate with an interest in brewing and this weekend he will commence training as an Ambulance Community Officer. 
After his induction Lachie thanked everyone – he and Lily are looking forward to reaching out to the community and their tenure in Rotary.
 A very proud John Sinclair pins the Rotary Pin
on his granddaughter Lily
Lily with grandmother Clare, mother Miffy and Grandfather John Sinclair.
John Sinclair pins the Rotary Pin on LachieLachlan with Lily, Miffy and his mother Jacqueline
Lachie entertained us with a rousing rendition of some Scottish tunes on the bagpipes greeted with great acclaim.
Introducing our Exchange Student Nakaiah Kerr
and her mother Cheyenne Kerr                
The caterers  Sacred Heart PS parents and students were thanked for the lovely meal they provided under rather trying conditions in the kitchen.