No Guest Speaker - Our guest Speaker could not attend due to having to attend a urgent meeting.
3 MINUTER—Tony Jacobs.
Tony spoke about Blue Dragon an organisation based in Vietnam and of which he is Chairman.  They feed street kids—mostly in Hanoi, rescue women forced into the sex trade and others who find themselves in forced labor. Over 1000 people have been rescued so far.
Blue Dragon sponsor a soccer team and this began through playing football with street kids. Tony gave the example of Nam who played every week. He had found new friends, been provided with surgery to his throat and through Blue Dragon had been trained as a chef. He is now Head Chef for a company which owns 7 restaurants.

Julie confirmed that 171 cyclists had registered and showed some of the many photos taken on the day. She made a presentation to John and Clare Sinclair in thanks for the cater-ing venues Nutfield and Cremona and all that is entailed.
Glenn Milliken raised over $1600 through his sponsored ride and Julie presented him with a little thank you gift.
Thanks also went to Bob Hentschel for organising the catering, Glenda for organising Trybooking and dealing with the registrations and all the members and families of Rotary who helped on the day. It is expected that there will be $8000 to be divided between the Alexandra and Yea Rotary Clubs.
Ian has mail from Careflight looking for donations, Santoz Science looking for sponsorship for students and the Shire of Murrindindi advising that planning permits are needed for the next stage of the Pioneer Reserve development.
Presiden Paul also explained that volunteers were helping Evelyn with the filling in of her swimming pool. The members asked for clarification and the project has been undertaken by Glenn, Sue and others to supply soil, donate the use of equipment and fill in the pool . It should be finished on Friday.
Bob Hentschel took the chair.
He explained that Tom O’Dwyer who was to be guest speaker tonight had been called to an urgent meeting regarding the Yea Football Club and its future.
PENNY PAXMAN—asked members for support. In a proposal to the Board she had put forward a plan to run a Mental Health First Aid Certificate for the Rotary Clubs in our Group. This had been set up with Nina Lunde ADG . The club will need 25 participants to break even on the costs of running this course and Penny asked that the members support the deficit of $1500 if only 10 participants attended.
We are going to try and get a District Grant.
There was a lot of discussion and questions but as a result those present decided that the project should go ahead regardless of whether we receive the grant.