Guest Speaker - Don Knight. Chair Yea Wetlands Committee
Don spoke at length about the Yea Wetlands Discovery Centre which opened in 2014.
It offers an Education Centre looking at what the Wet-lands are and how to save water. There is also a meet-ing room and merchandising bringing $80,000 in Annually.
The centre was closed for 24 weeks during Covid and up to June 30th 2021
There are 3 committees involved. The Yea Wetlands Committee, Wetlands Trust and Section 65 Committee which is basically a Committee of Management.
The centre employs 2 Council employees and 40 plus volunteers, but they need more to meet the require-ments of rosters. 
The education wing is the area of focus and encourages kids and adults. Tours from schools and other groups are welcome.
In the future, Don sees the Centre becoming more of a community hub. There are issues such as succession planning to address
In January this year the Centre submitted an application for a grant of $375,000 which will be used for the following projects.

1. Renewal of the Education Centre
2. Walking trail along the river
3. Repatriation of adjacent areas and planting of native plants
4. Creation of banks on the lagoon for wading birds
5. A metal sculpture trail complete with an audio tour
6. Extension and sealing of the existing carpark

New signage has been installed as has a solar installation complete with a battery in the Edu-cation Centre which shows charge at a particular time. The aim is to get to the next generation
The renewal of the Education Centre will broaden focus on the meaning of water to the community via water sustainability, flora and fauna and a greater representation of the Taungurung nation and their life.
A Cultural Heritage Plan needs to be completed and this is very difficult and costly.
Several questions were raised.
Jim Osborne gave the Vote of Thanks.
3 MINUTER—Glenn Milliken
Glenn told us about his experience with Covid. He described symptoms, the use of RATS tests and how he and Denise managed at home with the result that Denise did not catch Covid.  He also spoke about the importance of reporting an incident of Covid to the Department of Health. Within a short time someone was in contact to check how Glenn was, did they need shopping or any deliveries, there was regular follow up calls to ensure you were handling the disease as well as possible.
Glenn— We’ve been asked for volunteers to help with the Central Ranges LLEN program for mentoring kids in year 10 who have not been able to focus on the way forward. It will be held every Wednesday at the Yea Wetlands Discovery Centre for 20 Weeks. Half day and full day shifts are available.

SPONSORED RIDER—Our sponsored rider in Cycle Dindi will be Glenn who will ride to Merton and back—a distance of 93km. A form asking for sponsors will be circulated next week.

CYCLE DINDIJulie Lynch. Registrations are just over 90. A roster for April 2 has been circulated and Bob Hentschel needs help with the BBQ in particular.
President Paul reminded members that we have to discuss the amount to be donated to the
Flood Fund organised by Rotary