GUEST SPEAKER—Joshua Kelly  Yea Machinery
Josh and his wife Nicole started Yea Machinery just over a year ago. They moved to Yea because he loved the outdoors, mowing lawns, growing vegies etc. They have a dream to build a self sufficient property.
Josh started working life in sawmills. He had a passion for machinery and tractors and joined Yarra Glen Machinery.
Why did they choose Yea for their business? There were access roads in and out of Yea and there was a need for service and a shop in the area to meet the needs of the community.
They opened just as the pandemic started and their current challenge is a severe lack of supply.
Lots of questions were raised from the floor.
Peter Tull proposed a vote of thanks.
3 MINUTER—Bob Hentschel. History of Lawn Bowling in Yea.
Bob spoke about the formation and history of the club from its conception on 29/3/1897. He told us that it cost 18 pounds to fence the land near the post office. The land transfer to Council occurred in 2 weeks. A tender to construct the greens came in at just over 23 pounds. The exterior of the new club opened in 1996 was designed by Rotarian Ian Sichlau.