Guest Speaker: Danny Thomas Of Lawd - Speaking On The Current Developments In Land Pricing .

Danny introduced himself and his partner Kate whose grandfather owned land out near the sale-yards and which they are now renovating.
He explained that the growth in land values was driven by those who were already invested in the property market as well as the new generation going back to farms after being cashed up. Danny does not see any over supply of property in the near future.
He believes the market today is totally rational because interest rates are very low and debt levels are being reduced by the increasing value of land. Danny talked about some of the multi million deals LAWD have settled for people who buy and sell land to make profits. He also talked about foreign investment in Australia.
The market is going forward and a lot is tied up with red meat eg beef. His favourite market at the moment is the Western Australia wheat belt which has seen extraordinary growth to the tune of 67%.
Lots of questions were raised before Les Hall gave the vote of thanks.

3 Minuter—Ian Lynch.
Ian gave us a guided tour through the club’s website and where to find specific information eg how to contact the person holding a specific position within the club. There are also photos, a history of the club and office bearers as well as information about the various projects we are involved in eg. Dayspring Village.
Approximately 28 members and guests attended tonight’s meeting which was opened by President Paul.
There were a few announcements from the Board Meeting held on Tuesday.
Social Dinners are being discussed as a way to encourage membership.
Insurance Documents for the club is under review and Carol has agreed to help with pre-paring them. Paul thanked people who had provided information an figures to date.
Rotary International have established a fund for Ukrainian Refugees and $1000 is to be donated from our club.
An Indigenous Scholarship program has been started by District and we are being asked to donate.
An appeal has been made to our club for volunteers to co-ordinate local collections for the Good Friday Appeal for the Royal Children’s Hospital.
A copy of the Rotary magazine and 2 bank statements have been received in addition to emails already circulated to members.