Guest Speaker David Webb Ware -  the location and eradication of European Wasp nests.
He emphasised the fact that these wasps are having a big im-pact on Australia and are becoming an increased threat.
They affect/injure bees and crops. David described in detail their lifecycle and the need to kill the queen wasps who emerge from dormancy in September.
Most nests are in the ground around creeks and rivers and be-cause farmers are fencing these off, there is plenty of cover for the wasps.
More and more nests are being found in the hill country.
Finding the wasps is best done at sunrise because wasps are up and at it before the other in-sects. You can see them feed, then follow them straight back to their nests. You need to mark the nests very clearly because they are best poisoned at night. Poisons to use are Bayer—go to Bunnings for best value.
It is important to set up remote traps too – start in September when the queens are about. Bait trap with Fipronil (which is available at the supermarket in the form of flea treatment for cats and dogs.) Add a couple of drops to a tiny tin of non oily pet food or liver.
Check out the Shire website for ideas to make a trap.|d13b95b2-5146-4b00-9e3e-a80c73739a64|4f05f368-ecaa-4a93-b749-7ad6c4867c1f|en-AU
David told us that on their farm he had found and destroyed 500 plus wasps over the past few years. He had noted that willow trees attracted them because the sap released a sweet sticky substance late in spring. He will be cutting down the willows this year. Gary Fitzpatrick gave the vote of thanks and presented David with a goody bag.
3 MINUTER—Penny Paxman
Penny talked about one of her COVID projects which is sorting her library of books, and some of the treasurers she had come across. She had brought along a few samples to share with members and ended by telling us about some of the latest books she had read.
PP Sue Carpenter was acting President in the absence of both Paul and Carol.
She thanked Ian Lynch for setting up the camera for the first of our ZOOM meetings since last year.
Paul is tuning in from Lara Station somewhere in Queensland.
As of tonight we are going into hard lockdown for 5 days, and our meeting for next Thursday is in doubt. We are unable to confirm caterers at this stage, so the meeting decided to tell them we would not need them and if the meeting goes ahead we will order in pizza.
Sue told of receiving an orange envelope in the mail today. It was from Helen Haines MP congratulating her on the Paul Harris Fellowship award. It turns Ian S had found one in his mailbox too, but had thought it was election publicity.
Ian S also warned of a couple of scams going on via email and phone. Do not give out your details.
Glenn and Ian                  Sgt. Eoghan in action                    Di and Penny