History 2000 - 2009
2000 - 2009
Lionel Heres - Year of Office 2000-2001
Rotary Theme:  Create Awareness…… Take Action
Secretary: John Sinclair
Treasurer: Les Hall
President Elect David Anderson
Art Show Director: Bob Dewar
David Anderson -Year of Office 2001 -2
Rotary Theme: Mankind is our Business.
Secretary: Greg Alexander & Gary Fitzgerald
Treasurer: Doug Zerbe
President Elect: John Bett
Art Show Director: Peter Beales
  Art Show 1997 President Charles Rattray and MC David Anderson
John Bett - Year of Office 2002 - 2003
Rotary Theme: Sow the Seeds of Love
Secretary: Lionel Heres
Treasurer: Russel Hogg
Art Show Director: David Roberts
 It has been my privilege and pleasure to serve as your President in this seventeenth year of the Rotary Club of Yea. Perhaps the most significant highlight was the induction of an unprecedented 13 new members. All of whom I am confident will provide strength, guidance and participation to all facets of Rotary. However we did unfortunately lose Peter Beales as a valued member due to his Council and Business commitments.
My director have all assisted and supported me with any requests made of them. I do appreciate their involvement and thank them for opening their homes to conduct board meetings.
The Art Show has once again been a huge success with leadership and initiative from David Roberts and his team, cementing this event as a highlight of the `Community Social Calendar'.
Murrindindi Music Hall was an outstanding showcase of local musical talent that was enjoyed by a large appreciative audience. This indicates to me and the organising committee, there is a great support and need for quality entertainment in this town. Consequently I look forward to this concert becoming a permanent Rotary event. It certainly made a significant financial contribution to assist the Recreation Reserve Committee re-building programme.
Rotary's involvement with the beautification of the old police paddock to open up an entrance to assist the Wetlands Committee's endeavours was a very worthwhile project, in that it gave members an opportunity to commit to a hands on service job and still enjoy Rotary Fellowship over a barbecue while serving the community.
During the year we welcomed Diego Lobo Custodio de Oliveira from Brusque in Brazil to the family of Rotary in Yea. It is wonderful to see such a vibrant, active, young man take a keen interest in sport events and activities in the community. Likewise Jess Carpenter, daughter of Rotarian Sue and Rory, is I hope, enjoying Rotary Exchange hospitality in Columbus America. The club appreciates the active involvement of all host families. Sandra Hanley your participation as mentor has not gone unnoticed either, thank you.
Dinner meetings have now evolved into a social mecca of enjoyment and fellowship in the unique Yea Rotary format; due largely to the concentrated desire of the club to involve all members.
Sgt. Terry Hubbard's light-hearted approach has entertained us all while contributing considerably to the finances, for all our misdemeanours. Once again the guest speakers were varied and perverse through the co-operation of John Elsey and Terry Hubbard, we always had an interesting and informative address.
 The Woolshed dinner to entertain District Governor Neville and Jean Miles was an idea your President thought would be novel, it proved to be popular, not only with our guests, but also with Rotarians and their partners. Local bush poet Anthony McCarthy and our own Resident -Three Fiver' Rotarians only added to a successful evening.
May I at this stage thank and congratulate District Governor Neville and Jean for assisting Yea and leading District 9790 through this Rotary year. The support to the Yea club of District Governor Elect Bill and Edyth Holman and Assistant Governor Gary and Liz
Fitzgerald who is a stalwart of this club as a member is greatly appreciated also.
An occasion that was enjoyed by all present was the Paul Harris Fellow Dinner, which in fact was a reunion of all recipients of this club except one. I do thank everyone for their willing participation.
A vital part of any organisation is keeping members informed at all times, this has been capably and efficiently organised by David Anderson. I think we all appreciated and read with interest his journalistic talents.
Having worked and committed to `Sow the Seeds of Love' to show our community we care for each other and contribute from the ground upwards, I thank each and everyone of you for our support and involvement and leave you with this final apothegm;
 Do all the good you can
In every way you can
To all the people you can
In every place you can
At all the times you can
As long as ever you can
For the sowing time will soon be gone and you will need to
`Lend a Hand' to President Bob and first lady Pat
and provide them with as much enjoyment and pride of being
President of the Rotary Club of Yea.
Bob Dewar - Year of Office 2003 - 2004
Rotary Theme: Lend a Hand
Secretary: John Elsey
Treasurer: David Roberts
Art Show Director: Terry Hubbard
Once again another year of Rotary has passed. For myself, personally, it will be one of the most memorable and rewarding years of Rotary. To thank the Club and its members for their support and fellowship seems too little to offer.
For a Club that has grown so quickly under the past three presidents, Lionel, David and John, I felt the task for this year was to consolidate and create a framework for the Club to grow into. This I believe we have succeeded in and in doing so have strengthened the main winning factor of this great Club, 'fellowship"!!
Our commitment was to the community involvement and youth to enhance the spirit of the community and bring it together.
The Murrindindi Music Hall is now an annual event. Something the community looks forward to with great anticipation, for now we have an event which brings us together socially. Well done Club.
Our involvement in the Christmas Carols will now ensure this important occasion will not be lost to the families of Yea. Ensuring the culture of Christmas lives for all of us.
You will read with interest the Club's many achievements through the individual Directors reports, and these teams have achieved much under their guidance. To thank you individually would be wrong for you all have fulfilled more that a President could expect. Thank you all.
This years theme was to "Lend A Hand" and that is exactly what you have all done.
The Club this year supported the Rotary conference in Albury with a total of 12 members and partners attending. This is a most rewarding experience and would urge you all to make the effort in the future.
Well friends, this bus trip has returned to its starting point. Again one of my most rewarding years in Rotary.
I was sorry to accept the resignation of Gary Pollard, owing to time commitments, deep down I don't think the Club has lost a member, we will always have Garys' support.
To Jim and Glenys, Peter and Kerry, we welcome you to the Club as new members and may you have many years of fellowship with us.
Ruth, in your year ahead, this year of 100 years of service, I wish you well and trust that your year as bountiful as was mine.
You are making history for the Yea Rotary Club as you will be the first lady President. It is my pleasure to hand over to you a Club for the year ahead in the same good spirit it was presented to me.
Ruth Konig - Year of Office 2004 – 2005
Rotary Theme: Celebrate Rotary
Secretary: David Long
Treasurer: Rodney Ridd
Art Show Director: Russell Hogg
When this goes to print, I will be in Chicago! One last Centenary Celebration with clubs and Rotarians from around the world. A fitting end to a year when we have celebrated all that is best in Rotary - the week-by-week celebration in the fellowship and service of our own club.
This is the heart of Rotary, the local meetings. Our club is growing and developing all the time. We celebrate our growth, we debate our roles, we adopt a new constitution. Differing opinions are raised in open forum. As our membership approaches forty, we work to maintain this ability to give everyone a voice - and a positive role. We welcome our new members; Don McQueen, Milan Ivankovic and Lilian and Keith Parker. With great sadness, we accept the resignation of Doug Gray and Lionel Heres. We are proud to present Paul Harris fellowships to David Anderson and John Bett. And we must surely be one of the few clubs to celebrate the wedding of two of our members, Noel and Kerry Ryan.
A striking development has been our change of venue to the Golf Club. This has given us a 'home' and catering by the various groups contributes to their funds.
Our club takes pride in encouraging young people. Director's reports will give the detail. I would sum up in the words of a member 'This has been a year for young people. Every second meeting we have young speakers.' True! Something to celebrate!
We have also developed our International ties. International youth exchange flourishes and we have also welcomed both a Rotary Friendship group and a Group Study Exchange. And so we build our ties with the world, but by far the greatest opportunity to serve in this area came with the Tsunami. This event surely shook the world and I am proud and humbled by the response; of the club, of individual members and of the local community.
This year our club has contributed to the local community in many ways. Again, the detail will be in the director's report.
My favourite event was the digging out and concreting of the goat shed in the Recreation Reserve. This is the sort of event that involves no funding, but is a true celebration of Rotary in the community.
As the Rotary year comes to an end, I reflect on the joy that this job has given me. I know how inexperienced I was and can only thank all of you who have supported the work throughout the year. Board members have unfailingly put honest and lively views and worked hard as Directors of the club. All members have contributed in many ways, opening their homes and their hearts and their wallets in support of our many activities. It has been an honour to be your president.
I thank the club and wish David Roberts - all the best for his Presidential year. David's year marks the 20th anniversary of our club, another achievement to celebrate.
David Roberts - Year of Office 2005 - 2006
Rotary Theme:  Service Above Self
Secretary: Terry Hubbard
Treasurer: Rodney Ridd
Art Show Director: John Handsaker
The Rotary Club of Yea is now 20 years old and Rotary International has just completed the first year of its second century of Service Above Self. Our Club has celebrated these milestones in the style with which it started - strong fellowship, service to others and measured irreverence. Our Membership has grown to 42, an all-time high for the Club and an outstanding achievement for our small rural-based community. We welcomed George Morris & Alison, Ian Lynch, Glenda Woods and John O'Meara and Liz during the year. We were sad to see Alex Phillip depart and wish him well.
Our renowned weekly fellowship was augmented during the year by a number of special occasions including the progressive dinner around the environs of Strath Creek; two shared evenings with RC of Alexandra - both with an international flavor; a Christmas BBQ; and a number of Partners' Nights including the visit of DG David Yap and Jan.
The Club participated in the Commonwealth Games CleanEvent program in which Rotary Clubs from 3 Districts and associated community groups provided housekeeping services for the athletes' village. This unique opportunity taught some of us how to make beds, clean bathrooms and vacuum floors, and allowed us to participate in the Games, earn significant funds and share a wonderful experience with members of the Yea Show Society who helped fill out our rosters. In all 64 people worked 201 man days at the village. A new benchmark for fund-raising has been set! Our other fundraising regulars, the Terangaville Cup, the Australia Day Art Show and the Murrindindi Music Hall were again outstanding successes, thanks to our members' & their partners' total commitment.
  Our uplifting experience of the International Youth Exchange program continued with Soren from Denmark spending the year with us
We also sponsored two outgoing students - Caitlyn O'Meara to the USA and Sophie Wigglesworth to Switzerland.
 The year has also seen some less pleasant experiences with the frightening bushfires which approached the town in January. Many members of the Club served long hours with CFA brigades battling the blazes. The Club also provided monetary support for the family of Captain Trevor Day who lost his life in the Highlands fire. In April a fire destroyed the home and contents of Nils Johansson and Jaiyn Merriyen. The instantaneous support of the family of Rotary for Nils and Jaiyn was a wonderful testament to the concern for others which is embedded in our community.
I would like to acknowledge the Board Members, our three Sergeants and the other office bearers for the year in assisting so ably in allowing us to achieve the goal of "Do No Harm". And in the words of another famous anonymous philosopher I hope we can safely say that "It Was All Right On The Night".
I wish David Long and his Team for 2006-07 all success as they "Lead the Way" for the Rotary Club of Yea.
David Long - Year of Office 2006 - 2007
Rotary Theme:  Lead the Way
Treasurer: Jim Osborne
Art Show Director: Carol Hogg
As we complete the twenty-first year of the Rotary Club of Yea, we can reflect on a year of steady progress in most areas, rather than spectacular successes. Our fellowship remains our greatest asset -and this is well illustrated by the continued strong attendances at our weekly meetings, and the support given by our members to all our varied activities.
Unfortunately our membership is down by two. Linda Nankervis left when she and Ian moved from the district, and Keith Parker found that working outside the district meant huge time and travel problems.
A real positive has been the record amount of fund raising from our regular events, enabling us to provide record funds to support our many deserving causes. The Art Show raised the most funds ever as did the Murrindindi Music Hall. It was our privilege this year to have the Yea Quilters annual quilt to raffle, and for the first time we did the catering at the Molesworth Easter Bazaar.
I am particularly pleased that our expenditures on Youth and Vocational Service projects have more than doubled from the previous year.
Rotary International Youth Exchange continues to receive a strong emphasis
Last July we welcomed Matt Jennings from Canada into our community for a year, and we farewelled Julia Grey in January for a year in the USA. Also, during this year we welcomed home Caitlyn O'Meara from the U.S.A. and Sophie Wigglesworth back from Switzerland.
This wonderful program will continue during the next twelve months, with a new incoming student, Emily McGuire from the USA, arriving in July. However, for the continued success of this program we do need more host families to share the load, and for more members to include our incoming student in their outings to showcase more than just Yea and it's surroundings.
During this year we were pleased to help our parent Club, Alexandra, celebrate its fortieth birthday, a very happy night. Also, the Rotary Club of Euroa celebrated its sixtieth birthday! As Euroa was a co­sponsor of the Alexandra Club, this makes it our grandfather club.
As we approach our new year, planning is underway for a B M X bike track to be built in Rotary Park. This will be a major project which may take several years to complete. However the benefits for the youth of Yea will be there for many years to come.
I would like to acknowledge the wonderful efforts of the board members, and indeed all office bearers and Club members in their support of our Club during this past Year. Together we have had a year of great fellowship and quiet achievement, and I believe we are in a strong position for the future,
I wish Peter Tull and his team every success in 2007/2008.
Peter Tull - Year of Office 2007 - 2008
Rotary Theme: Rotary Shares
Secretary: Russell Hogg
Treasurer: Jim Osborne
Art Show Director: Ian Lynch
Another year has passed (all too quickly) and it is with great pleasure that I present my Annual Report for 2007/2008.
It has been a most enjoyable year as President, we have a good venue for meetings and fellowship and a high standard of meals has been provided by our dedicated community groups.
Our membership went up by 3 with Brian Rouget, Heinz Kesteman and Nola Yorston joining our ranks, unfortunately John O'Meara has resigned. Our membership is looking healthy with a few more prospects in the wind.
On a sad note we had the passing of founding member David Evans PP & PHF, who contributed so much to Yea Rotary
Our club is well represented at District level with David Anderson Deputy Chair for YEA (Youth Exchange Australia), Sandra Hanley South America - Brazil inbound Youth Exchange, Ruth Konig Chair for Vocational Service Committee.
Yea Rotary's commitment to the youth of Yea has been well maintained through the year. Our Youth Exchange Program continues to go well. We farewelled Matt Jennings in July, welcomed Emily McGuire from the USA in August and she went home at the beginning of June.
We welcomed home Julia Gray from the USA  in January while at the same time Jacqui Graham left for Germany. What a wonderful program to be involved in for everyone concerned.
Early in the year we hosted Ian Risely, Director of Rotary International at Yea with all Clubs from our Group attending.
The Art Show was yet again a huge success. Frank Hargrave donated $25,000 over 5 years for prize money to be known as the Hargrave Family Trust.
We had an Aboriginal painting donated by Adam Knight of Aranda Gallery and auctioned by Philip Webb.
We also had many mixed nights throughout the year with a memorable one held at the Rattray house after Christmas.
Glenda Woods organized some very interesting and informative guest speakers throughout the year and these help to make a more enjoyable meeting.
The District Conference at Shepparton was well attended by Yea Rotarians and was a fabulous weekend. Next year it is at Geelong and I would like to encourage more Yea Rotary members to attend.
Our fund raisers for the year proved to be most successful; Art Show, Music Hall, Easter Bazaar, Trivia Night,  and Australia Day patronage was the biggest yet.
Rotary handed out monies to many worthwhile projects throughout the year, the one that stands out was the donation to Lachie Hunter of Flowerdale with the presentation of a wheelchair.
I would like to record a vote of thanks to all members of the Board for their dedication and hard work throughout the year. It has been much appreciated and thanks to all members for making my year so good.
In conclusion I believe the club is in a very strong position going forward and it is with pride that I hand over to Sandra Hanley our incoming President and wish her and her board all the best for 2008/2009.
Sandra Hanley - Year of Office 2008 – 2009
Rotary Theme: Make Dreams Real
Secretary: Julie Lynch
Treasurer: Jim Osborne
Art Show Director : Russell Wealands
It is with much pleasure that I present my Report for the 23`a year of the Rotary Club of Yea. My year as President has been what you would call an eventful year and has passed all too quickly.
Our fellowship remains one of our greatest assets within our Club. This is evident by the support of our members to all our varied activities. Our community groups continue to provide a high standard of meals for us each week.
Our Membership numbers have gone up and down throughout the year. We inducted three new members-Ken Foletta and Jed and Sue Hart but lost Heinz Kestermann and Noel and Kerry Ryan, George Morris and Lilian Parker who have moved to other areas. While we have some prospective members we do need to constantly be on the lookout for new members for our club.
Our club continues to be well represented at District Level with David Anderson, Ruth Konig, Gary Fitzgerald and myself all filling positions. The Club congratulates David on his nomination for District Governor nominee in 2011/12, an honour well earned.
Our commitment to Youth Exchange and Youth continued this year. We welcomed Hendrik Wortmann in July, welcomed home Jacqui Graham from Germany in January and said good bye to Tarryn Garlick, who went off to Canada. Thank you to the members who host our students and to the members who offer to take the student on family outings. This all helps broaden the students visit to our great club and country. The members that have not made themselves available for these visits are asked to consider it for the future. It is a great way to get to know our student. We also sent six students from Yea High School to the Siemens Science Summer School. Their enjoyment of this opportunity was obvious when they spoke of their experiences at Rotary. The BMX Track is still a work in progress. Hopefully, we will see this project come to fruition in Rodney's year. Water for bores should be finalised in Rodney's year as well.
This year we introduced the Pride of Workmanship awards. The Club was pleased to present three recipients and their employers the Awards at our meeting. It was a great night. We also presented our school bursaries at a club meeting where members were introduced to the recipients by their families and teachers. Other guests included business members of Yea that have sponsored our Art Show and other events during the year. Thanks to our vocational chair Ian Lynch for organising these.
In February, our area was devastated by the bush fires. Many members were affected by the horrors of that event. We are indeed indebted to all Rotarians that have offered monetary and/or hands on help. The gifts and assistance we have received from visitors from near and far have been just overwhelming. My special thanks to David Long for accepting the position of chair of the Fire Recovery Committee, David and his members have and are doing a magnificent job.
It makes me very proud to be President of this wonderful Club. For the time, input and effort the members of this wonderful club have made I say “thank you one and all
Our fund raising events continue to be very successful. Our 2009 Art Show saw the use of a new lighting system. This proved a great success thanks to Russell Wealands and his team.
This year we also introduced a jazz afternoon at Green Meadows   a wonderful afternoon's entertainment for those that attended. My thanks to Elaine White for her organization. If this event is held again, we need a committee to help organise the event. It is just too much work for a few people.
International Night was a great night with a German theme for Hendrik. The Club was pleased to have exchange students from Brazil and Japan and visitors from local clubs come and celebrate with us.
Murrindindi Music Hall was another great night's entertainment. My thanks to John and Jeannie Handsaker.
The Biggest Morning Tea was a great success-thanks Elaine White, as was the Molesworth Easter Bazaar - thanks to John Bett.
We did seem to do a lot of BBQ's this year as well; Yea 150 of Policing, Womindjeka Day, Plug the Pipe Rally,
Rodney Ridd - Year of Office 2009 – 2010
Rotary Theme: The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands
Secretary: David Roberts
Treasurer: John Handsaker
Art Show Director:  Peter Tull
I proudly report the activities of the Rotary Club of Yea's 24th year- a very successful year. It has been a very pleasant and eventful year, which our very experienced board, directors and officers were able to take in their stride and continue the fellowship this club is renowned for.
The support of all members has been great, the meetings have been enjoyable, and the meals prepared by the community groups have been of high standard.
We inducted one new member Bob Glenister (Barb) at Changeover, and two past honorary members were welcomed back as honorary members Darryl Callander (Heather) our clubs Charter President and secretary 92/93, and Graeme Broadbent (Beth) Past President in 91//92 and secretary 96/97 at the Christmas partners night. We lost two members.
The strategy of inviting the sponsors of our Art Show has not been successful. Our recent Members Night featuring Shelterbox brought six new potential members to Rotary, who showed interest, but have not joined. We are planning a further Members Evening.
It will be an honour to induct President Elect Terry Hubbard as President at Changeover on 1 July. Terry has been proactive and already held a very pleasant evening meeting of his new board to plan the activities of next year, and to ensure the club's project continuity through the club leadership plan. At the AGM held on 26 November 2009, we congratulate President Nominee Julie Lynch, to be President 2011/12.
We congratulate District Governor Nominee David Anderson, who will be inducted District Governor in 2011/12. PP Ruth Konig has formed a committee that is now planning the District Conference in 2012.
At District Level, we have four members holding District Chair positions; Ruth Konig Vocational Service Chair on the District Management Committee and RYLA and assists with Donations In Kind, PP Gary Fitzgerald Disaster Relief Grants Coordinator; PP Sandra Hanley on the Youth Exchange
Committee; and AG (Group 4) David Anderson holds the position of Rotary International Chair of Youth Exchange.
We continue to host Youth Exchange students. Hendrik Wortmann returned to Germany on 3 July 2009. Tarryn Garlick returned from Canada on 16-Jan-2010; Current Youth Exchange student Lara Salvi arrived from Southern France on 10 July 2009 and has completed a Tasmanian visit and the "Rock to Reef'. Lara is now a very accomplished and confident performer, and we will miss her when she returns in July. We have sent outbound student Sally Clarke to Austria on 22 January 2010. We will receive a further inbound student next July or August, and have commenced planning for an outbound student next year.
Thank you to the members who have hosted our students and who have taken them on family outings. We are so appreciative of the hosts that enable us to continue such a continued and successful Youth Exchange program. The presentations by those students prior to leaving show our club has a successful program.
Four students from Yea High School enjoyed the Siemens Science Summer School; two to Ballarat University and two to La Trobe University. Their report back was awesome.
We thank the hosts of the RFE Indian Visit 25-28 September-09 and for showing them the tourist facilities of Yea. We also hosted an RFE visit from D5080 British Columbia, Northern Idaho and Washington on March llth 2010. Recently two of our members left on a reciprocal RFE exchange visit to Canada.
We presented five school bursaries that were provided in Sandra's year to each of the eight schools in the district, including the fire-affected schools in   recovery. Our club visited the Kinglake West school to make those presentations, and we thank vocational chair Ian Lynch for organising these.
We thank Community Director Les Hall for replacing the Yea Recreation Reserve Gates and for a working bee at the Rotary Club of Yea - Gateway Park. Our previous local project, the BMX Track was stopped, since a new skate park committee received funding for a skate park which was opened in April. We expect to do some landscaping in Terry's year.
We hosted a visit from Lower Blue Mountains Rotary Club and received from them $15,000 they raised for fire relief.
We have donated a total of 10 Shelter Boxes worth $12,000 for the earthquake and tsunami victims. We continued our assistance to DIK at Essendon, and presented $500 towards transport of the goods. We continued our Bowel Scan project again this year.
The devastation of the bush fires affecting many members and the community has been foremost in our thinking. Special thanks to PP David Long, Chair of the Fire Recovery Committee. David and his members are doing a  magnificent job in receiving and coordinating Rotarians monetary and/or hands on help. The gifts and assistance we have received from visitors and clubs from near and far have been just overwhelming. We commend the club for taking the long term view to assist the community when their true desires are known, and after the present volunteer and Government assistance wains. Sewing machines and overlockers, donated by Janome were distributed to fire affected quilting groups. We purchased furniture for the Flowerdale Kindergarten.
We must thank Terry Hubbard as the 'go to man' who arranged and supervised the distribution of the 37 semi loads of donated hay from Scottsdale Tasmania to local farmers who had lost their paddocks in the fires. As a result we have had reciprocal meetings with Scottsdale Rotary Club and the donors of the hay, and have established lasting relationships between our clubs. Eight Rotarians from Foresters Veterans team came to the Hume & Hovell to play cricket against the Cricketing Rotarians. During their visit they visited our club, a golf day, and were hosted by Elaine, Jim, Terry and Sandra. ~ On the return trip to Scottsdale our club members were treated to a tremendous few days. The Four Fathers sang a specially prepared song.
We sent Kimberley Berndt to RYLA Week last December, and in her words it was fantastic! We conducted Mock Interviews with High School students, and hosted the Ian Murphy Memorial Debating between Yea High School and St Mary's College Seymour, and we are readying a debating team for next year.
We were able to provide financial assistance to Yea Anglican lunch for young fire affected mothers, and assist two locals to take part in the Murray River Mildura to mouth which raised over $100,000. Jed Hart helped the Governor of Victoria plant a tree to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the RSL hall.
Pride of Workmanship Awards were presented to three locals to encourage pride in personal performance in the workplace and to help create a national attitude for the benefit of our country.
We held two functions to thank the local Yea and surrounding volunteers for their wonderful work over many weeks during the fires. Last December we arranged and catered dinner for 225 Emergency Services Volunteers to thank them for their exceptional service during the Bushfires. It was very successful and a memorable evening.
On 20 March we were retained to event manage the "Kick Up The Dust" recovery function at the Yea Racecourse to thank over 700 volunteers from the Yea valley for their efforts, while raising over $14,000 for the ten CFA brigades in the Yea area, and we received $5,000 as a management fee - thank you Les for a great job..
We attended the Senior Citizens Dinner in December to assist the Lions Club, so that next year we are able to take over to continue what Lions have done for many years. We relocated the Historical Society to their new office and assisted the Yea High School by landscaping their Phoenix memorial garden.
International Director Jeannie and her committee have successfully negotiated details for our PNG Mando water project to partner with ~ RAWCS RC Salamander. We thank those members who will visit Mando PNG next September to undertake the work.
We also thank Ruth for being able to successfully fund the water project in South Africa, and we look forward to her visit next year.
Art Show Director Peter and his committee ran a very successful 2010 Art Show over the Australia Day weekend, showing 330 paintings highlighted by the new lighting system, and receiving $15,000 in commissions.
Murrindindi Music Hall was another great night's entertainment. Many thanks to Elaine White and her committee
The Biggest Morning Tea was a great success this year - thanks to Elaine White and her crew of cooks and servers.
The Molesworth Easter Bazaar was a bigger success this year due to the increased numbers - thanks to John Bett and his crew for their hard work. Together with $360 raised from the Whittlesea Challenge Bike Ride organised by Elaine, and the $800 from our very successful Foundation Walk organised by AG David Anderson, we have been able to fulfil our Polio Plus commitment with "outside money". We thank John Bett for also organising BBQ's for Christmas Carols, and Australia Day Breakfast.
 The Club had a great turn up of members at the District Conference at Albury even though we had the Kick Up The Dust dates clash, and many attended the District Assembly in Seymour.
We have had several partners' nights during the year. Thanks to Carol Hogg for her work in organising interesting speakers and to Glenda Woods for compiling our Bulletin each week
In closing I would like to thank my Board, the Directors and the committee members for all their hard work during the year, and I am very proud of what you have achieved.
We wish Terry Hubbard and his Board and Directors all the best for 2010-11.