History 1990 - 1999
1990 - 1999
Adrian Sier  Year of Office 1990 - Ending 1st July 1991
Rotary Theme: Honor Rotary with Faith and Enthusiasm
Secretary: A. McCarthy
Treasurer: Neil Beer
Community Service & Art Show Director: Doug Zerbe
Our Luncheon day was held at "Landscape” in Tallarook - Brendan McCarthy's stud which is lovely venue. It was a combined effort with our ladies. Attendance was down a bit but socially a great day again.
The Art Show once again improved and seems to be firmly entrenched as our major fund raiser; it doesn't mean we can lie back as it can always be improved on.
The Calcutta down at the Recreation Reserve was again a good night financially and socially.
The Heli Pad finally finished and our commitment paid off.
We made a commitment towards funding the Life Education mobile van which will travel the North East to educate young people about the dangers of drugs.
Rotary pegged a site on the railway land to give notice we would like to build a Rotary Park there.
Australia Day presentation again catered for with the Lions Club.
This year food hampers were distributed to needy families by a select committee.
D E C A has become our regular commitment since our formation. Two Yea boys were drivers of the week, about 80 schools were involved. Les Hall said since Rotary's inception not one of these young people have been involved in a serious accident. It is great to know our money raised is well spent.
Graeme Broadbent - Year of Office 1991 - Ending 24th June 1992
Rotary Theme: Look Beyond Yourself
Secretary Garry Fitzgerald
Treasurer John Sinclair
Community service& Art Show Director : Royce Kronborg
The Calcutta was once again a successful night with a few ideas used.
In a year when most art shows felt the pinch and were down, ours was a little down on sales but certainly among the best of the art shows around and could only be described as a great show.
The Australia Day Breakfast again but this could be called the year of the Greek Dancers and there in lies another story.
This year our club sponsored the Probus Club of Yea. Royce Kronberg worked hard to get it formed and to this day it is so strong it has to limit its membership to approx 70.
In what has become an annual event the High school students were sponsored and taken to Shepparton by Rotarians to attend DECA. Also 8 High school students were sponsored to attend the Summer Science School at Latrobe University. We also sponsored a student to sail on the ‘Alma Doepel’ - total cost $ 740. The sponsored lad said he gained new skills, it was a great success and he had a new found self confidence.
Neil Beer - Year of Office 1992 Ending July 1st 1993
Rotary Theme: Real Happiness is Helping Others
Secretary: Daryl Callander
Treasurer: Graeme Broadbent
Community Service & Art Show:  Bob Adams
The Calcutta Night was socially a good night but numbers were down a bit.
The Art Show could hold its head up and be counted among the best of them; it was successful financially although the economic climate at this time, is not helpful. The Great Victorian Bike Ride with some 5500 bike riders converged on the town over night. It required total involvement of the community so our financial reward was not great but our assistance input was.
Once again DECA was funded as government funding ceased.
International Rotary Convention was held in Melbourne.
The Club hosted a bus load of Rotarians from round the world at one meeting which was a great night. One Rotarian was from Alaska who spoke on his area and club. One woman from the deep South couldn't understand our language, and one from South Africa was black, big and about 8ft tall. An ideal bouncer, ruckman or fruit picker!
Australia Day function with the Lions Club was held again and a bowel scan project organised. The Club also installed an underground sprinkler system at Rosebank. Past President Garry Fitzgerald was elected as a member of DG's nominating Committee for 1993-4
Past President Daryl Callander was Group Representative for District Governor
Ash Long - Year of Office 1993 Ending 30th. June 94
Rotary Theme : Believe In What You Can Do - Do What You Believe In
Secretary: Gary Fitzgerald
Treasurer: Charles Rattray
Art Show Director: Les Hall
John Sinclair organised the Calcutta that went very well and was very rewarding financially.
The economy seems to have picked up a little as all the art shows report and ours was no exception as we had a good show. The only problem was who sold the first prize painting twice?
It was the first year of the ‘paint your heart out’ project. The club decided to paint the Grandstand at the Recreation Reserve. It was all done in about 14 days. The Rosebank Hostel fence was another project this year.
The Australia Luncheon was once again a good day.
We had Big Pete as a guest speaker on drugs and Aids Awareness, the High School intends to use his services. We did offer the Peer Support program to the High School some years ago, but it was felt it was not needed but they are now taking it on board with Rotary assistance.
DECA still enjoys the support of Rotary.
District RYLA committee accepted our nomination of Anthony Callander and he reported favourably on its value.
CRA. Science Summer School we have nominated 3 students.
Doug and Pat Zerbe hosted a Vietnamese student from the language centre for a week.
Received an award at district for the best bulletin.
Quiz: Who was it said, ‘Everyone hands are up except the ones who are not here!!’
‘I got here early but everybody else got here earlier!!’ (an appeal against a fine)
 Garry Fitzgerald was elected to the nomination committee for DG
Norm Berndt - Year of Office 1994 - 1995
Rotary Theme: Be a Friend
Secretary: David Evans
Treasurer: Lionel Heres
Art Show Director: Trevor Read
This year we lost 3 members Bernie Quinlan, Bob Adams and Ash Long but we regained John Sinclair.
Our main involvements this year were the endurance ride with our 2 days manning of the check points and assistance to Vets wood etc. and this event was rewarding to the Club. Yea Spring festival to assist and man points for the bike races. Melbourne Cup Calcutta at Yea Football Club Rooms with numbers down a bit but still financially successful.
Yea Beef Expo well organised but Show attendances are down.
We had a small catering stand at the Zimbabwe VIS 11 which was good fun and we made a profit.
The Art Show with Trevor Read in charge was a good one clearing over $6000. Well done to all the members plus wives and young people for their valued help. Sausage sizzle on Australia Day was again an agenda item. Rosebank: we had 2 working bees to erect a shed on a concrete base.
Bowling Club bowls night between service clubs.
Friends of the Yea Library shifted to new premises and needed help to relocate. Dick Dashwood and David Evans helped them out.
Paint Your Heart Out: The swimming pool kiosk and pump shed and surrounds carried out over 3 weekends.
A good year for youth. Greg Alexander reported Barney Ling was accepted for CRA Science Summer School. We sent 13 students to Siemens Science School in Melbourne. 2 students attended RYPEN at Lake Nillicoote and we have nominated Kate Clavarino for a place at the Science Summer Forum.
Doug Zerbe:  Year of Office 1995-6

Rotary Theme: Act with Integrity – Serve with Love – Work for Peace
Secretary: Lionel Heres
President Elect: Charles Rattray
Art Show Director (Gordon Wiles) John Sinclair
Charles Rattray - Year Of Office 1996 - 1997
Rotary Theme: Build The Future With Action And Visio
Secretary:  Graeme Broadbent
Treasurer: Trevor Read
Art Show Director: Greg Alexander
The President’s report began with ‘ Every Rotarian I ask to do a job simply said ‘Yes’ and when an effort was required to make a project successful there was always a 100% response from members. Therein I believe lies the Club’s strength’.
This year we lost Trevor Read but gained John Bett who had many years with Apex. John's experience with horses put him in the Director’s position for the endurance ride job. High School communications needed updating and a much improved integrated understanding was arrived at by Greg Fletcher with Principal Rob Flowers and coordinator Steve Townsend. Once again the Calcutta on the Melbourne Cup was held; socially a good night but for the effort put in does not seem to be a good revenue raiser.
The Art Show once again is our strongest fund raiser. The opening night continues to be a great idea both socially and sales wise. Greg Alexander was the Director this year. The Rotary Club has been very lucky to have help from the ladies with expertise and energy. Meg Heres an artist and exhibitor since its inception for some years has been the strength in setting the show up. Marion Bruere has also been a great help in the early years. This year Greg's wife Denise and daughter Corinne were a great help.
The Endurance ride was again a success with Graeme Broadbent prominent as he has been for years gathering sponsorships etc. The DECA driver education for year I1 students continues under Rotary's sponsorship.
The Beef Expo at the Yea Show was again set up by Rotary for the Yea Show Committee. Les Hall does a great job here erecting yards, spending hours at meetings re arrangements etc. Together with the Lions Club we decided to host the Australia Day Breakfast without shire support. Our Club presented Ben Bryceson the Youth Encouragement Award. A clean up Australia Day approach by Kinglake residents saw our Club provide refreshments to them. The Yea Autumn Fest was held in March and Rotary assisted with the running of 2 bike races; one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Australia's Biggest Morning Tea run by the Anti Cancer Society. Our Club matched dollar for dollar which saw them benefit by $600. It was a busy year for Community Service Director David Anderson.
John Sinclair -Year Of Office 1997-8

Rotary Theme: Show Rotary Cares
Secretary: Doug Zerbe
President Elect: Dick Dashwood
Art Show Director: Charles Rattray

Dick Dashwood - Year of Office 1998 - 1999
Rotary Theme: Follow Your Rotary  Dream
Secretary: Charles Rattray
Treasurer: John Bett
Art Show Director: David Anderson
 It was a shame to lose Gordon Wiles the master of waffle but we were lucky to welcome Bob Dewar who happens to be well equipped with culinary expertise and has plenty of hands on Rotary experience behind him. The Art Show reached new heights last year but Director David Anderson took it another step this year.
Our Club once again ran the Beef Expo at the Yea Show and the support it has, adds to the quality of the Show.
Our Australia Day Breakfast in conjunction with the Lions Club seems to be more popular as the years roll on.
Rotary again has assisted the Autumn Festival committee in arranging the barricades and assist with the bike racing and the street parade. Australia's Biggest Morning Tea was again helped by Rotary's dollar for dollar donation of $450.
Once again David Anderson put together a great Art Show. This certainly is the backbone of our fund raising with 341 entries 47 sales grossing $21,500
Greg Alexander Year of Office 1999 – 2000
 Rotary Theme: Act with Consistency Credibility & Continuity
Secretary: Bob Dewar
Treasurer: David Anderson
Art Show Director Norm Berndt
President’s Report
Another successful year for the Rotary Club of Yea
David our treasurer as efficient as ever
Peter how does he find the time? The district would be a poorer place without him
Norm attacked the art show the same way that his dog attacks his visitors. Well done Norm
John B kept us on the straight and narrow and in the black. Dick you had an easy year but you kept us entertained with a little help from Norm
Bob you kept the wheels turning all year, a good effort for a butcher. Thanks Bob
Gary work kept him away for part of the year but when he was hear we could rely on good debate
Greg F. helping even when on crutches at the art show
Les always there when needed especially as chairman at Seymour. Thanks Les
Lionel good luck next year, it's your show then
Greg O it's a shame lose such a good member especially because of a bank.
 Thanks for your work especially with your morning shift following our meetings
 We can say anything about an ex sergeant ‘Had a bad week’ but those bulletins kept coming. Thanks Pat, always good to see you and thanks for your help
Denise you put on the best District Governors night ever thanks